Lattelecom Riga Marathon



MARATHON / 42.195km

The Lattelecom Riga Marathon will take place on Sunday May 20, 2018.

The registration fee includes:

  • Bib number with name (if registered until April 15, 2018) and a ChronoTrack B-tag
  • Course maps and full information guide
  • Live web and mobile runner tracking
  • A special Marathon Backpack and Marathon Bag Storage at the start and finish area
  • Refreshments and on-course care
  • Pacemakers with various finishing times
  • Finisher's bag with refreshments and snacks
  • Free massage for all 42 km finishers
  • Marathon finisher’s lounge with refreshments and snacks exclusively only for 42K finishers
  • Finisher’s medal

Additional order:

  • Lattelecom Riga Marathon special collection t-shirt
  • Photo service


Maratons_kartes_2017_42km.jpgThe course lies in the very centre of Riga City and all runners can enjoy the charm of the largest city in the Baltic States. The course allows all visitors to run on both sides of the Daugava River, the largest river in Latvia and with the help of Vanšu Bridge the participants can enjoy some of the most beautiful spots in Riga – the Art Nouveau district, the amazing panorama of Old Riga and Pārdaugava, as well as the paved streets of the Medieval Hanseatic Old Town and wooden architecture of Ķīpsala island. All courses are traffic-free. Riga is rather flat without significant hills or ascents; therefore the only major challenge is crossing the Vanšu Bridge.

Start and finish

The start and finish area for all races will be located in 11. novembra krastmala right next to Daugava River and Old Riga between Vanšu Bridge and Akmens Bridge. The start for the marathon and half-marathon distances are given on the same time.

  • Marathon and half-marathon: 8.30
  • 10km: 12:30
  • 6km: 14:00

A detailed start and finish area map will be provided come spring.


Aid stations and refreshments

Refreshments will be served in the following sequence: (1) individual drinks of elite runners, (2) water, (3) Isostar isotonic drink (Hydrate & Perform Orange), (4) bananas and oranges, (5) water, (6) container with sponges. Energy gels will be available at the 28.5 km point.

KM LOCATION Water Isostar isotonic drink Energy gel Fruit Sponges KM between points
2.8 Elizabetes street x       x 2.8



      x 3.7
8.5 Vanšu Bridge / Slokas street x x   x x 2
10.7 Krasta street x x   x   2.2
15.5 Krasta street x x   x x 4.8
17.5 Krasta street x x   x   2
19.5 Krasta street x x   x   2
21.5 Krasta street x x   x x 2
25 Hanzas street x x   x x 3.5

Mālpils street


x x x x 3.5
30.7 Elizabetes street x x   x   2.2
34.5 Ķīpsala x x   x   3.8
36.5 Vanšu Bridge / Slokas street x x   x   2
38.8 Meierovica boulevard x x   x   2.3

Medical aid

Emergency medical aid (EMA) vehicles with medic brigades will be located in various locations of the course throughout the event and Medical Staff will be available in all energy points and in-between them. If medical assistance is needed at the start and finish area, a First Aid tent at Bīskapa gate will be at your service.


The time limit for the marathon is 6 hours. There will be two cut-off times for the race:

  1. Runners who will not reach the 23rd km mark (right before going into the second lap) in 3h 20min will certainly exceed the time limit and will be called upon by a course official to leave the race.
  2. With 6 hours into the race a course official vehicle will head out to initiate the marathon course closure. Should you decide to continue the race, despite the request of the course official, you do so at your own risk. Remember, the course will be opened to traffic again once the course official has passed. The water points and medical care points will also be removed, and it will no longer be possible to finish and receive the finisher’s medal.


The registration for the 28th Lattelecom Riga Marathon will begin on 19 September, 2017!

Main partner

  • Lattelecom


  • Rimi


  • Adidas
  • WESS
  • Sportland


  • NECom
  • Rīgas Dome